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Meet our Horses

Our therapy horses are the heart and soul of our operation. Because they give us so much, we strive to provide them with the best care possible, and a forever home including regular visits from the veterinarian, equine dentist, farrier, chiropractor care, and more.

Interested in sponsoring one of our therapy horses? Your generosity provides the best feed and health care for our therapy animals. Contact us to learn more about our horse sponsorship packages.

The Fun-Sized Mini Team



The Cart Show Horse

Bebe is clever, speedy, and always trying to challenge her teammates to be the best they can be! Her hobbies include pulling carts and eating delicious flowers.



The Rockstar

Blue is our second smallest therapy horse at EB. He also enjoys being a travel companion on trips to nursing homes, the University of Arkansas, Walmart home office and more! His friendly energy and tolerance of all people and situations make him easy to get along with.



The Mother Hen

Chloe is one of the first miniature horses acquired by EB and she is our alpha-mare! She is witty, smart, and what she says goes. Her favorite color is yellow and she loves basking in the sun.



Mr. Chill

Fibber is calm, confident, and easy-going. He has been a therapy horse since the organization was founded. "Mr. Chill"  is most known for his beautiful palomino coat and easy going "horse-onality



The Not-So-Big Giant

Goliath is spunky to the MAX. He has a fun horse-onality and loves to be the cheerleader for the group.



The Sweetheart

Honey seeks out attention and is the first to come to her paddock fence to get loving touches. She is charismatic with all people and animals she encounters.



The Little Princess

Star has an energetic and playful horse-onality. As the youngest and smallest of our miniature therapy horses, Star is our "star" travel companion. You may find her strutting down Dickson or even on- air at KNWA News.

The Standard-Sized Horse Team



The Gentle Giant

Chance is ambitious and loves to go on adventures. He adores attention along with any nose pets he can get! Chance works well with all of our different clients and makes an awesome team with the kids.



The Cowboy

Dusty came to Equestrian Bridges from the ranching industry. After a lifetime of caring for livestock, he now enjoys his career as a therapy horse and is very loved by our clients.



The Elder

Frosty is the oldest member of our therapy horses. He LOVES the camera and attention. He is the most photogenic out of all the therapy horses, ready to strike a pose at any time. Frosty is best known for giving  amazing horse hugs. 



The Bachelorette

Gracie is the only mare of the group. She has charisma, willfulness, and a positive attitude. She will often seek people out for attention and a loving touch.



The Curious One

Magnum is the curious George of the group! He loves being close to people and getting all the attention. In addition to being a cuddle bug, he also loves exploring everything around him! 



The Moviestar

Newt starred in the series Lonesome Dove as an extra! Newt  was donated by "Cowboy" Phil Moore after the pair walked the Trail of Tears. Newt is happy to have landed a great gig at EB, and we are honored to have such a star. 



The Smarty Pants

Tuffy is an extrovert with an exuberant, willful and intelligent demeanor. He is extremely perceptive to body language and has been trained for liberty styles of riding and groundwork by our own, David Helm.



The Mascot

Magic is just that, Magic! Just being in his presence at 17.3 hands tall, he is the ultimate gentle giant. Come get a hug today from this fabulous Friesian. 

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