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The Mission of Equestrian Bridges 

Equestrian Bridges is a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies to local NWA families and communities.



Our Vision

Equestrian Bridges exists to change the face of mental, emotional, and/or physical health by providing a unique therapeutic environment and treatment for those in need through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.


Come to Equestrian Bridges and experience professional, integrative, and holistic service with our nonprofit and other organizations in Northwest Arkansas.

Why Equestrian Bridges?

Equestrian refers to anything involving horseback riding.

Bridges are made to connect and provide a path over an obstacle.

At Equestrian Bridges, clients develop connections with our therapy horses that allow them to overcome mental, emotional and/or physical obstacles.


Through close interaction with our horses under the guidance of expert therapeutic riding instructors and mental health professionals, clients develop confidence and self-reliance while learning social skills to build and maintain healthy relationships for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.


How It Works

Through research-based curriculum, our expert instructors develop personalized goals for each client to ensure success in physical, social, and/or emotional development. We tailor each session to meet individual clients' needs and ensure the highest quality in health and safety for both human and horse.

There are so many therapeutic experiences happening when we work with horses. My favorite—and why I believe in equine therapies so much—is that you must be present when you are around horses. They command us to live in the moment. 

Horses do not care about our past or what we did yesterday. They do not care about our future or what we want to be. They do not care about our looks, what we drive, how we dress, or how much money we have in the bank. They do not judge.

Horses care only about where we are right in the moment with them. They help us to connect not only with them but with ourselves and others. It's a unique experience unlike any other."

Shanna Dozier

Founder & Executive Director, PATH Intl. Certified Instructor

101322 EB Riding Session-11.jpg

Aubrey's Story: New Beginnings

Ready to get Started?

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Programs & Services

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5920 S. Bellview Road, Rogers, AR 72758

Phone:  (479) 301-2814

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