What We Offer

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions are tailored specifically for the client. Our dedicated team that involves a Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Mental Health Therapist, and Equine Specialist custom create a curriculum for the sessions working with the client’s goals and needs.

Dream Catchers Program

The Dream Catchers Program works with children and teens with ranging abilities. We do this through small groups which help build social skills, education and confidence. The Dream Catchers program is an 8 week curriculum that meets once a week.

Reins Program

The Reins Program is for teens consider at risk for behavioral and emotional turmoil.

Trail Blazers Program

The Trail Blazers Program is dedicated to the men and women that have served our country. The program partners with horses to help with stress, depression, and other disorders.

Equine Experience for Women

The Equine Experience for women is a unique opportunity to women to partner with horses to gain confidence and self awareness.

Corporate Team Building

Equestrian Bridges Corporate Team building partners with NWA organizations to help support the healing at our facility. The team building helps with communication skills and personnel support.